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Cityscapes in one point perspective

Updated: May 13, 2020

Challenged to use both technical knowledge of one point perspective and their imagination, students create stunning cityscapes.

This lesson allowed students to demonstrate their knowledge of the rules of perspective acquired in previous sessions.

Now equipped with the skill most vital to architects and illustrators, they were challenged to create a cityscape from a one point perspective.

In order to accomplish this, students first needed to imagine viewing their scene front-on as though looking directly down a long street. Then, by drawing true shapes, horizontal and vertical lines, and by “connecting corners” to a single vantage point on a horizon line, each artist went about creating his or her unique cityscape.

Students were given the option to create an imaginary street scene or one that was set in a foreign country. Many (in correlation with the 7th grade magnet Future City project) chose to depict the city to which they were assigned for that project. Meanwhile, the majority of members from the General Art classes created imaginary cityscapes.

Either choice challenged the students to use both technical knowledge of one point perspective and their unique imaginations!

The results were amazing.

Artwork featured in this article by:

Henry G. , 7th Grade

Title of work: "Tokyo"

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