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One Point Perspective Interiors

Updated: May 10, 2020

Students learn a skill that empowered them to design and create in ways they never knew they could!

One-Point Perspective Interiors

This lesson introduced students to the concept of one point perspective.

One point perspective is the drawing method that shows how objects appear smaller and converge toward the same single vanishing point on the horizon line as they become farther away. This basic drawing technique also enables students to draw objects that appear 3-dimensional and realistic on a flat piece of paper. It’s a skill that can empower them to design and create in ways they never knew they could!

Once students had learned and practiced this new skill, they were challenged to design and draw a room from a one point perspective, as though facing it from a doorway or window.

Students were given the option to draw the interior of a restaurant (in correlation with the 6th grade magnet Restaurant Project) or the interior of a different room such as a bedroom, living room, dining room, etc.. Either choice challenged them to employ the rules of one point perspective in the placement of windows, doors, furniture, floor tiles, objects of decor, and other details in their drawing. And rise to that challenge, they did!

When completing the assignment, students could choose to color their drawing or to render it in ink, using fine tip markers or Micron pens.

Artwork featured by Brooke S., 7th grade

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